1 day left

While Nils and Agata are still fighting winter in Europe, packing and making the final preparations, Hania and Piotr have a much more elaborate task to fulfill – that is, to find out which beaches and snorkeling sites in the British Virgin Islands are the best.
I assure you, they are very much aware of the gravity of this duty and are treating it with due respect.

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Almost there!

Today I put my last order to my super store www.hjertmans.se and my favorite Josefine who has helped me with all the preparation with safety and good advice before the trip and we are only 4 weeks from the big trip cross the Atlantic from Caribbean to Sweden ??

Hello world!

Welcome to my world.

This is where it all begins! I have spent the past months on detailed preparations and my crew and I are almost ready to set sail. I’m happy you’re joining us on this adventure.