Meet Piotr – Survival mastermind, chemist, carpenter, virtuoso cook (under any conditions), a mine of solutions and Hania’s very own husband, all of the above with 5-20-day-long stubble and diagnosed introvertism.
Meet Hania – passionate linguist, backpacker and sleepyhead. She likes gummi bears, dancing, Portuguese wine, hammock and the feeling of salt water breeze. She doesn’t like generating problems, ironing and the lack of gummy bears. Hania and Piotr left their home in Poland in July 2016 to hitchhike around the world. Follow their adventures here: Warning: sprinkled with sarcasm.

Meet Agata – keen explorer of new or unfamiliar areas, wanderer, dreamer, traveller. She’s a passionate lover of water sports. Around nature is her favourite place to be, unless the nature means cockroaches.