Now we say good bye to two of the crew members

We went from Amsterdam to Kiel, Germany, to drop of two of the crew members Hanna and Peter. Now they’re heading back home to Poland after a long trip. I’m grateful for the help and for amazing company all the way from Caribbean.

Now were welcoming a new crewmember, Alf, that will join us back home to Sweden and Agata will be with us to the very end of this journey.

Azores, baby!

16 days of breaking the waves and we’re finally in Europe!

It’s been a heck of a ride and we have plenty of stories to tell you, so why don’t we start from the beginning?

From tomorrow you’ll see here a new post every day reporting the scariest, funniest, most thrilling events of the past weeks.

Stay tuned!

What an angel!

How lucky we were to cross paths with Graham!You remember our nightmare-smoky-engine story? It turned out that the cost of our missing part was 700$. Not great.And then Graham disappeared for a short while to come back with a used part that had been under water for some time, but was still in perfect shape. And he offered it to us… for free.Graham at Mills Creek Mechanical – thank you so much!


we feel how a strange scent penetrates into the cockpit, in panic we rush down and turn off all electronics and discover that the starter to the engine is burning. We quickly gain control of the situation, but the problem is that we are not in port, but we are about 300nm 36 hours from the nearest country. We have to fix this. We produce all the electrical tools we have and demente the grinding machine to pick parts for the starting engine and after a while we succeed in getting the engine started again. You might wonder why we really need the engine when it is a sailboat we are traveling with but of pure safety we must always be able to start the engine if something should happen, if someone falls into the water.