And what a trip that has been!

We were motoring our way to Kiel full of mixed feelings – Piotr and I were about to leave Tonic, Nils and Agata a few days before the end of the cruise, but on the other hand this was the closest we had been to home for a very long time.

We all put our warm and cozy rescue suits on, as the weather wasn’t very generous, and we were making the most out of the last few hours together. Passing through locks, driving along the canals, admiring the peaceful and luscious green scenery we came closer and closer until we found our way to some dock in the Kiel marina.

A friend of Nils’, Alf, had already been waiting to fill in for the two missing crew members. We grabbed our backpacks, gave a few good hugs and went on our way.

Thank you Nils, for giving us the adventure of a lifetime and some valuable lessons. Thank you Agata, for being a great friend, listener and . Thank you Tonic, for carrying us and being a strong and trustworthy, however moody, companion.

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