Hey, we had visitors last night!Right in the middle of my shift the radio starter talking: “Tonic, Tonic, this is French custom officer, over!”. 10 minutes later there was a military ship following us and 15 minutes later there were three people in very serious uniforms jumping onto our boat from a dinghy.
Nils is generally not a big fan of being woken up an hour before his shift without an actual reason, but he agreed that having French military is a rather good motive, so he was there to welcome the guests with all honours and we spent two nice hours chatting about our trip and the beauty of Normandy, making sure there wasn’t anything illegal on the boat, analyzing passports (well, if a border officer is impressed by your passport, you know you’ve done something right!) and trying to explain that the facts that Nils work in a green house and Piotr is a chemist are not related and they don’t cooperate on any legally dubious matters.During the day the wind wasn’t gracious (again!), but the currents were, so we were still race-speeding with 8 knots on the plotter. This made us feel like we’re part of the highway – when we reached Rotterdam area and were navigating around the 700 other boats and ships – that looks pretty impressive!

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