04. and 05.05.19

As the weather ultimately refused to cooperate and offered us an overview of its best tricks, including sharp strong wind, biting rain and short, powerful and massive waves, Nils and Agata consulted a neighbour ship about the forecast. It didn’t look promising, so they made the call to turn south and wait the storm off behind the corner, or maybe even dock into one of the Normandy harbours.

After they had spent 4 hours sailing south, the weather decided to ignore the forecast and suddenly got much better. Oh well, in that case we should just turn back to course.

And on course we had the charming town of Dieppe, where we filled up on moulles mariniere, croissants and wine, had a hot shower, made all the laundry in the world, filled up on diesel and with new hopes and new resources left for Amsterdam at 6 pm.

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