02. and 03.05.19

Hello Europe! We have missed you so much!

Entering the English Channel was a whole new experience. So far we have tried to travel with the currents, they would usually give us an extra knot or two, but in the channel – without even trying hard, our speed went up to 10 knots! This didn’t last forever, though, because every few hours the current changes direction and soon we found ourselves going a dreadful 3 knots, and that’s with a little help of the engine…

We arrived to Jersey, one of the Channel Islands and felt almost like at home.

We explored the town of St Helier, grabbed a few beers, observed how the marina was preparing for the boat show that was just about to start.
Already on the next afternoon we consulted the currents and the weather. First ones said they would try cooperate but made no promises, the latter one – not at all. With wind directly into our nose and the tricky currents we began our struggle yet again.

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