30.04 and 01.05.19

As we are slowly entering waters way richer in traffic than the ocean, Nils has been briefing and instructing us about interacting with fishing boats, crossing highways and behaving in a lock. It’s a whole new sailing world – it happened that we didn’t see a single boat for a week and now there’s more and more of them on the radar!

The wind is rather sharp and strong, letting us sail at an angle, fortunately it’s the angle that allows cooking. And it gives us a pretty good speed too – the average on my shift was an impressive 7.7 knots!
On our first May evening we are starting to notice the first lights from French coast!

What is more –we even manage to scrape off some signal, call out close ones and get all our messages 😀 It’s so nice to know the world remembers you while you’re off sailing the ocean…

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