I love the smell of hot engine in the morning…
Kidding, I don’t, but the engine keeps us warm on the cold nights, so who am I to complain?
We woke up to a beautiful, though almost frosty morning. The beams of sun were restlessly making their way to us, but with the water temperature of around 13 degrees we’re still getting more chill than warmth.
With such a peaceful, calm day we had the perfect conditions to clean up and do some repairs. We started with the boom that has been lying idly since last night and attached it back to the mast. Hopefully this time it will stay in its place.

After that Nils with the help of Piotrek took out all the windows, exchanged the old sikaflex and resealed them.
Of course after that procedure the whole cabin was coated in pieces of old sikaflex, so Agata and I dealt with the cleaning, which was a good thing because the boat really needed that and a bad thing because we had just taken a shower last night… Well, you can’t stay clean forever.

In the evening – apparently as a reward for our hard work – we were surrounded by hundreds of dolphins. They were coming in the same direction, a large field around us was covered by jumping creatures. Since we had absolutely no wind it took the dolphins about 10 seconds to take us over. Suddenly one of them jumped out, said – “Yo, guys, let’s go play with the boat!” – and they came back! Zigzagged in front of us, jumped right below our rusty anchor and had a great time teasing us and following around.
Yo, guys, thanks for making our evening (

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