It’s easy to get used to warmth. Like cats on a hot tin roof we almost cuddled around the engine area. We were coming back to our usual selves, food stopped being completely off-putting, the headaches started to fade away, the stomachs were climbing down from throat area to their normal healthy position. We took the chance and decided to prepare the best dinner we could possibly think of: baked potatoes, grilled veggies and fried chicken on top of it. We had to take the chance – if this dinner wouldn’t kick in after the major sea sickness incident, nothing would.

There it was, we finally overcame the demon of sea sickness. Let’s celebrate with a shower.

Once everybody went to sleep, I took the first shift and made myself comfortable. Not for very long, though. Smack and boom (nomen omen)! The naughty one decided to fall down again… This time the situation was way less dramatic than the first time when we almost lost the splinter, with no wind and barely any waves nothing was falling off the deck, so Nils – half asleep – made the call to leave the boom in its lazy position for the night and deal with it in the morning.

So we did. Yawn.

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