Today was the day when heaven and earth switched places. Or so I think.
I was lying on the bed, thinking of all the time Piotrek and I have been travelling. 1000 days exactly today.

Oh, I even bought wine and chocolates for the occasion, silly me.
1000 days of travel and never before have I so badly want to be home. In a bed that is not moving. To be able to stand on my own feet and maybe even have something to eat or drink, something that would remain in my

I was lying on my back and looking through the ceiling windows. The waves were coming from above, like the sea was falling on us over and over again, banging on the roof. They weren’t that high really, only 3-4 meters, but combined with lack of wind, they made the boat wobble like the most wicked rollercoaster.

Supposedly, if you look at the horizon, you feel better. Well, not if the horizon is upside down.
I looked for eye contact with Piotrek or Agata, but they were as much in zombie-mode as myself. The only known cure for sea sickness is to sit under a tree. However, I’m starting to suspect that Nils has got a vaccination that he’s not telling us about.

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