Five days of constant wind and wave analysis and the time has come!
Last checks, filling water, making sure at which speed and angle we need to go not to put ourselves into trouble and at 3pm we’re saying goodbye to Azores.

The first few minutes require a lot of work and attention, as the wind is strong and the waves… well, the waves are just huge enough to make all the crew utterly and completely sea sick. 5 minutes, not more – that’s how long it takes for sea to kill your spirit.

They say – if you haven’t been sea sick, it means the waves weren’t big enough. Well, Nils’ stomach is apparently made out of stone and salt water to survive this level of rock ’n roll.

We try to help the captain trim the sails and take care of the boat, as the conditions are not easy at all, but all we manage to do is crawl into our beds and die slowly and painfully.

That’s our route:

Last blog updates before leaving:

Every sailor’s nightmare, water in diesel… Cleaning and new filters before leaving!

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