So, we unexpectedly arrived on the small Island of Graciosa to soak in a little more of the rural Atlantic charm of Azores and wait until the waves gracefully decide to let us through to the English Channel.

Nils woke up with a burning pain in his foot and as brave as he was, we were getting ready to transform the cockpit into an ER, but before we had the chance to operate, he received a diagnosis through his medical app – it’s a jelly fish sting! The Atlantic Portuguese Man o’War (you have to admit, even the name sounds scary!) surfed into the boat on a wave, left its marks on Nils’ foot and got washed away from the cockpit before anyone could notice, but the pain would accompany Nils for the following week.

That being said, the captain stayed on the boat to rest his war wounds while the rest of the crew started exploring the island. Agata climbed all the way on the highest peak of the island (2000m above sea, impressive for a morning walk!), Piotr and I were lured by the beautiful coast and the lovely Portuguese villages.
With Easter approaching we were all excited to have some family time. Nice to use to internet for something else than weather updates!

Easter holidays means also good food and a lot of it, and here we had major help from the local fishermen who shared their catch with us. What a lovely surprise and splendid grill!

Monday morning Piotr was supposed to dive and fix the propeller – a fishing hook and around 300m of rod was stuck in it. By the way, this is what 300m of fishing rod looks after a few minutes in a running propeller:
Putting his wetsuit on, Piotr struggled like Brigid Jones with her slimming granny-panties. Or maybe it was too much chocolate for Easter morning :D?

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