Yesterday’s immigration clearance made it very obvious: we’re in Europe. Life is simple, burocracy is minimal.We couldn’t decide which was more urgent – pizza + beer or hot shower + laundry. The hurricane which we escaped by ONE HOUR was making the life in the marina rather cold, wet and miserable.Just as we were waiting for our eight washing machines and four driers to give us back fresh, dry and warm clothes, blankets and sleeping bags, the power went off. Blackout in the entire marina meant that we had no heating and nothing warm to wear. Even the gas bottles were in the shop, only to be picked up on the following day… In this case, we just had to run the engine for the whole night to give the boat a more reasonable temperature.Well, the wine and gin and beer from the famous Peter’s pub also helped 😉And after the last night of the Bermuda-Azores passage we slept until 2pm.

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