We made it to Azores!And what a ride that was!
The last night was pushing us to the limit, none of us came even close to falling asleep. The wind went nuts, the waves went cuckoo, the autopilot refused to cooperate in such conditions, which meant last 12 hours of manual steering.While the wind was giving us plenty of speed, we still had to run the engine all night long to make it to the land before the hurricane reaches us. We arrived with 10 litres of diesel left, almost emptied the tank! That’s either huge luck or really good planning. Maybe both?We could see the Island of Pico and Faial more with our imagination than with eyes, the visibility was close to none, rain was pouring, little tornadoes were dancing on the water, wind was hitting 54 knots. We sat in the cockpit wrapped in our rescue suits, with salt covering every part of our skin.The water was coming into the boat, we were wet, cold, exhausted, happy and excited.We made it.And we found one hitchhiker:

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