Remember yesterday? The mast almost falling down when the front sail ripped out? That’s what you call a blessing in disguise.

Stressful as it was, it happened when the sea was relatively calm, everybody was awake and we could react in seconds.

This night would be a way, WAAAAAY worse time for attractions like that:
I finished my shift with calm and steady winds of 8 m/s. Nils took over and didn’t have to wait long when suddenly it started raining salt water. The drops were attacking horizontally and going in circles. With strong moon, you could see the water taking the shape of tubes. When Nils was taking all the sails down and securing everything the whole boat was shaking and still cutting the waves at an impressive speed of 10 knots with sails already down.

A few minutes later the tornado went away and left us with awesome wind: our average speed on Piotrek’s shift was 7.4 knots!

Agata wasn’t as lucky, she woke up to find three massive clouds approaching the boat from each side. Her shift was a constant race with the sails and the wind, putting the up and down and back up every 15 minutes.

With the land so close we can almost see it through binoculars and the passage already exceeding 2 weeks we miss fresh food a lot, but after tonight we well deserve everything tasty that’s left on the boat – popcorn, chips and some leftover brownie, that’s the way to get our spirit up!

We’re counting the hours and pushing hard. We survived the storm last night, but tomorrow morning there’s a hurricane coming. Let’s try to avoid it.

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