Lucky 13 😀

What an awesome day – more and more animals are coming to show us the right way to Azores! Dolphins following the boat, playing at the front, pretending like they’re going the same speed as we are. They’re not, don’t be fooled. They are triple as fast, but they don’t want us to feel inferior. So nice of them!

Dozens of dolphins opened the day, a turtle was floating in the opposite direction, birds started to surf on the clouds. That can only mean one thing – the land is close, we’re getting there, it’s almost celebration time!
Celebration can only mean one thing (well, if you’re from Poland, it usually means drinking, but we don’t have any alcohol aboard ;)) – cake! We have just enough gas to bake one and only cake.

While most of the crew is sitting in the cockpit making sure that we’re still above 5 knots (remember yesterday? The wind died down and in two days a hurricane is coming, so we need to keep our speed! We’re nailing it actually, having hit our new record speed of 12 knots on Agata’s shift!), I take my role as the brownie-whisperer. The dough looks beautiful, the oven is heated to perfection, I’m inhaling the sweet, thick chocolaty, fudgy air. The cake is just on the verge of being ready. Everybody is salivating.

Boom. Smash. Crash. Crack.

Piotr, quick, up! Up, up, up!
There he is, looking around, trying to get his head around the situation as Nils is already in the front, catching the front sail as it’s trying to fly away, wander off. The rigging bolt of the front furling wire got broken! The only thing holding the mast was the main sail with wind from the back and the baby stay – the thin wire that helps to stabilize the mast.

Who will be stronger – the men, or the hippie sail that refuses to follow rules?

The deck is starting to crack. The mast is wobbling like a drunken penguin/ giraffe. The front sail is just laughing at us. Never before have we been so close to actually losing the mast.
Just in case you don’t know, losing the mast pretty much equals losing the boat. That’s something you don’t want to happen. If it does, well… let’s hope you have really good insurance.

Piotrek jumped up on the wire holding the front sail. It was throwing him around like a feather. Nils was concentrating on fixing the problem. What do you do when you know you have 3-5 seconds to make the right call? Well, then you should simply make the right call within 3-5 seconds. That’s exactly what happened. The adrenaline was getting over the roof, the actions were precise, strong, but immediate. The deck didn’t crack, the mast didn’t fall down.

The boat was still there, laughing wickedly.

Now we have really earned that brownie. It was delicious.

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