Today the sea has decided that we are worthy sailors and we can be tested properly. The wind is blowing up to 25 m/s. The waves are at a killer height of 10-12 meters (calculating from the bottom until the very top of the wave). The pressure is low, 1003 mbar low. We have almost no sail and still our average speed exceeds 6.5 knots.

This is sailing.

We have officially added “cooking at 45°” to the list of our skills. Everything on the boat is flying. That’s the rule, you may think that you’ve hidden everything properly, but there’s always something that will fall down and hit you on the head when you least expect it.

This night we took double shifts, instead of 1 person for 3 hours – 2 people for 6 hours. What’s the point, you may ask? Well, the point is that if somebody falls into water, the other person is there to see it. If the wind gets ballistic, both persons can figure out the sail settings, the steering and all the ropes without putting anyone in immediate danger.

And right now we’re not just fighting the current storm. We’re actually playing chess with the weather, strategy is everything! The moment this wind dies down (early afternoon today!), we need to push through the quite time with highest skill and patience, because unless we keep our speed at at least 5 knots, we will fall into the cold embrace of the next storm, 3 days later. That one is waiting for us right at the entrance to Azores, like a mad, spiteful dog that just really wants to bite you on the ankles.

Today we have a very clear enemy that each weather forecast seems to confirm. Unless we come to Azores by the 15th, we’ll be screwed. Fingers crossed. Wind, please. Just be there for us.

Resting after a tough watch

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