Take that! Our new speed record – 11.5 knots!

While we took a moment to feel great about ourselves, we saw on the radar a 300m cargo ship going at 19.5 knots against the wind. Haha.
Nice people though, we talked on the radio and they gave us the latest weather report. It’s a wavy day and an even wavier night, the cabins start to look like an aquarium, we’re all walking around the boat as if it’s 4am after a rum night.

Cooperation has never been better, today was the first time when we needed four people to do the dishes – one on the inside passing the dirties and hiding the clean ones, one on transport duty, one cleaning and one rinsing and jumping away from the 6m waves the kept smashing the boat from behind.

The anchor that we prepared yesterday, we actually threw it into the water to check how it’s working and it slowed us down to almost zero, what a strange feeling, standing still on the ocean on full sail with waves of 6m all around us!

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