Still no storm.

Not that we’re complaining! The wind has picked up, indeed, but the forecast is still hanging there in the air and actually now we’re getting a little anxious, because we don’t know when and if it’s going to hit us. Just in case, we’ve prepared the anchor – it’s such a funny thing, on deep sea you use a giant plastic bag as an anchor, it fills up with water and works like a break with the force of several tons.

If huge waves come, this anchor will prevent us from flipping over and allow us to still steer the boat in very harsh conditions.

The bed cushions are moist again, so it looked like there might be a leak somewhere. The boys located and fixed it, so we’re very hopeful that tomorrow everybody will have a dry bed all night long.

And we all felt so jealous about Piotrek’s shower the day before that – hey! – we all took one! Second shower since Bermuda, we all smell like a spring meadow.

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