What a day!

We were just finishing breakfast in the cockpit, when suddenly we noticed a massive shadow just a few meters away from the boat and following it. The shadow flipped upside down, showed us its big white belly and then kept swimming up and down, still not further than 5-10 meters from us! The cute whale (humpback, I think?) was apparently curious about the boat, sniffed us a bit, but then floated away withouteven waving goodbye… Manners!

As the whale left, some e-mails have arrived, always so nice to receive mail in the middle of the ocean! The care and attention of our close ones is heart-warming. Today’s mail made us all particularly joyful – it was Nils’ wife who follows our exact location and the weather conditions:

“Strong wind coming, you’re fucked. Good luck.”

This is what it meant in practice:

The storm was predicted to come at night, so we spent the day preparing for it: we cleaned the whole boat, because getting a concussion from a flying plastic salt shaker would be a silly way to get hurt on a boat. We cooked for the next two days, because by now everybody can cook standing at the angle of 45 degrees, but we still can’t cook upside down, so just in case.

Nils reminded us all of the emergency training – how to attach the lights to the rescue suits, how to activate the life raft and what to do if the mast breaks and starts punching a whole in the boat. We practiced MOB (man overboard) – the man being Piotrek, who willingly jumped out of the boat at the depth of 5000m, thereby earning an early shower. We packed our emergency bags and prepared mentally for what was about to come.

The storm never arrived.

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