Nils woke up to see the red bulb light up on the panel. This is not good, the red light on panel means that the boat is taking water. Something you don’t really want in the middle of the ocean… After a brief analysis, it was stated that it’s rain water and we’re not sinking, which would make sense, because the night passed under the sign of no wind at all. AT ALL.
We hit the dramatic speed of 1.2 knots (only thanks to the current!) and passed most of the day watching movies and trying to capture the abundant jellyfish on camera (success!).

Apart from the jellyfish, we saw a plastic bottle and one shoe. Very exciting. In the afternoon the wind picked up and finally gave us a racing speed.

So did the waves and by the evening everyone on the boat had had their pants wet at least once.

PS. The phone is working. Yay!

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