We all woke up pretty grumpy. Not sure what it was – low pressure, rough night, or maybe just not enough cookies on board… The morning was wet, but we closed ourselves inside and it didn’t really bother us too much, until Nils realized he had left his phone outside. Well, with salty water in the charging system, it didn’t take it so well.

We didn’t mourn the phone for too long, because this ship that we had had on the radar started rapidly moving towards us. A massive tanker appeared on the horizon, took about 12 seconds to move right to our side and then we heard a strong Indian accent on the radio:
“Tonic, Tonic, this is Grand, over!”
“Grand, this is Tonic.”
“Hello Tonic. Are you having a nice trip? Do you need anything?”

Well, some wind would be nice… and maybe rum. And definitely a shower.
But as soon as we confirmed we were fine and actually skipped all those crucial things that we were missing, Grand went back to its original course (yup, they turned just to check in on us!), disappeared in 8 seconds and probably 12 minutes later arrived in their destination – the Bahamas.

This evening we had the most adventurous grill so far. I’m not sure why we came up with this idea with a wind blowing at 7m/s, but somehow we even managed to pull it through. We did that mahi-mahi justice, almost as if we knew that it could have been our last fish – later on while putting the head sail up we forgot to take the fishing line in and it got tangled in the plotter. It was a serious operation, but Piotrek managed to get it out, thereby saving us from eating canned food every day.

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