I yawned and stretched. I had a good night sleep, my night shift had been nice and calm, the wind – barely there, it was coming from every possible direction and the sails were flapping a bit, but there wasn’t really anything that could be done about that. I had woken Piotrek up in perfect faith that his watch would be as peaceful.

Well, it was, for the first hour. While Piotrek was just in the middle of his movie, he heard a strange noise coming from above. He went up and there it was – the boom fell off the mast and the splinter (the thing that holds the boom attached to the mast) was rolling there and back all around the deck. How it didn’t fall out into the ocean – we will never know.
It started to rain heavily. Piotrek hooked himself to the line, jumped right onto the deck, started chasing that silly little splinter that was dancing around and chanting “catch me if you can!”.

When the first crisis was over and the splinter was safe in Piotrek’s fist, he woke up Nils and together they lifted the boom (in case you never tried to lift a boom with a sail on it – it’s heavy…!) and heroically placed it back in its original position. After Nils had gone back to sleep, the universe decided to test Piotrek’s ability to think clearly in stressful situations one more time. Somehow all the ropes from the front sail got loose, flapped their way into the water and there he was – one man against all ropes, pulling them back from the ocean and tying like they were meant to be.

In the meantime, Agata’s alarm clock went off and as she was listening to the upstairs ruckus, she prayed that whatever was happening on the deck at that time, wouldn’t continue during her shift.

It didn’t. One lost boom and one spontaneous sail during a single night is definitely enough.

As the freaky winds went away, we could finally change the course back to Azores and at dinner time, just when I was about to cook my famous and loved by crowds zucchini in mustard sauce to lift everybody’s spirit up, Nils decided he’d rather have his favourite dish: Noodles with hot dogs and ketchup. My inner chef just died a little.

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