What a perfect wake up!

A school of dolphins came to us early in the morning and stayed around for a short while. Not too long, because they were significantly faster 😉
The wind direction sensor is broken, but today it’s not such a bad thing, because following the wind speed would just be depressing. What is it with you Raymarine? Yesteday the radar and today the wind sensor?!

And all brand new equipment!
Most day we had to run engine to escape south from the Bermuda storms.
Not so happy about the satellite phone, though… Apparently there was a software mix-up and with old software the messaging system doesn’t want to work… We are not entirely on our own, we can still call and send e-mails, but these are much more pricey communication methods, so fingers crossed the sat phone company manages to resolve the issue asap.
And it’s a good thing that Piotrek didn’t jump after that fish yesterday, because today we caught another one, this time successfully! Guess what?
You’re right – another mahi mahi.
Not as impressive as the yesterday’s one, but equally pretty and perfect from the grill! Accompanied by lovely garlic butter potatoes, what else do you need?

Well, a couple of beers would be nice, please and thank you.

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