The second day of our Bermuda-Azores passage was calm. Everybody except Nils was still run down by the rough start the night before, so there was a captain and three zombies aboard. Even the radar decided to take the day off and stopped working for a while… I don’t mean to sound harsh, but seriously, a Raymarine radar should not get sea sick so easily! It just shut off for the whole day and required a hard reset to start working again. Too bad a hard reset didn’t work with the rest of us… The wind also died down, to the extend where we had to motor through half of the day. A stormy front had been approaching from the North, so instead of taking the direct course East to Azores, we had to go a little South.
Suddenly, the fishing rod started to make promising sounds, we begun to pull it out and it was heavy! Such a huge mahi-mahi got tempted by our gummy-wobbly-greenish-squid-like bait, however it was as big as it was motivated to live. The moment Piotrek got the hook out of it, it slithered away, jumped up and fell right back into the ocean. Piotrek contemplated for a few seconds jumping right behind it, but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth it.
Well, we’ll get a new fish soon. Probably another mahi-mahi. Why it’s such an expensive type of fish, I’ll never understand. So far it seems, like it’s the only one in the entire ocean.

Analysing the weather in our ”living room”

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