The thoughs of the rookies

The day is spectacular.

Wind in your hair, fresh breeze fattening up the ever-hungry sails, waves luring you with every imaginable shade of blue. Good friends in the cockpit, experienced captain teaching you and correcting your mistakes, all ropes are your best buddies. It doesn’t get much better than that.

And then the night shift arrives.

The wind always changes at night, it can go either way, either die down or start blowing your head off. The only way to see where the waves are coming from is to follow the reflection of the moon. Every decision you make impacts three other people and the fate of the boat. You still don’t speak fluent sail, so think four times, before you touch any rope, but at the same time act fast, you always need to act fast.

There is something hypnotizing and calming in ocean waves. Unless they’re 12 meters high and slap you in the face.

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