Bumpy ride to Turks and Caicos

Ekhem. Have you ever paid a few hundred dollars for a bit of shopping and some water? Well, we have. It’s not as fun.

Apparently it actually matters which marina you go to, and in Dominican Republic we chose the most luxurious one, Cap Cana. No, we didn’t really have the time or mood to pamper ourselves and have the best latino-inspired time, because the customs and immigration yet again managed to kill our spirits by charging a fortune just for showing up.

Next morning we left and it was a rock’n’rolly 48h! The gusts attacked us from different sides, the rookie crew struggled through the night, the mast was getting close to touching the water. These conditions are not very chilling, so we were especially excited to reach our destination and anchor in a scenic bay by Salt Cay in Turks and Caicos. Let’s regenerate a little, sleep off the bumps from last night and snorkel the heck out if this place!

The fishing hasn’t been too successful though, even though there are at least a 100 barracudas just below Tonic, they don’t seem to be very interested in our bait, except for this one that took the bait from a brand new hook and broke it like it was a dry stick. Well, we’re still having fish for dinner, who cares that it’s canned tuna…

What a pleasant break that has been 😀 With new weather reports coming in, Monday looks like the perfect time to leave Turks and head for Bermuda. Fingers crossed it stays this way, so far we’ve sailed 2512 nautical miles and our longest passage yet is about to begin!

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