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While Nils and Agata are still fighting winter in Europe, packing and making the final preparations, Hania and Piotr have a much more elaborate task to fulfill – that is, to find out which beaches and snorkeling sites in the British Virgin Islands are the best.
I assure you, they are very much aware of the gravity of this duty and are treating it with due respect.

So far, in terms of snorkeling locations we have a tie: the rocky site called the Indians came in with the leading position, showing off with its plethora of reef fishes and colourful corals, however, shortly before the winner was announced, we got a new contestant, starting from the position of an underdog – the RMS Rhone Marine Park. A rather uninspiring part of sea bed got much more interesting with the ship wreck and even topped the snorkelling experience up with a nurse shark and a coral reef shark sighting.

Beach-wise, the choice isn’t so obvious either: the secluded Dead Man’s bay on Peter’s Island shaded with palms versus the postcard-ready but rather crowded Devil’s Bay and its stone boulder labyrinths.

But who on Earth named them both?!

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