The crew has arrived!

So, when the first guests arrive, that means the party has started!

Hania and Piotr took a long and bumpy road to get to Tonic: they left home 2,5 years ago and hitchhiked their way through four continents, barely ever flying. Planes are boring, right?

Most of that time they lived in a tent, so they are very excited to start living in a floating home.

How did they end up here, you ask?

It started in Vegas. Most people come to Vegas to win a fortune. Most people don’t. Hania and Piotr spent a fun weekend wandering around the slot machines, winning 5$ and then losing 7. They were almost prepared to call the trip uneventful, but then Hania opened Who goes to a crew-finding page when they’re in the middle of a desert?!

And there it was: the ad – Nils looking for fun people to share his adventure of crossing the Atlantic.

It took a few months of chatting, before the captain made up his mind and chose the crew, but hey! Vegas turned out to be very lucky!

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